Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox. They provide a toolbar button to bookmark the current page. The Chrome extension should work on Opera as well if you install the Download Chrome Extension first and on Edge if you allow extensions from other stores.

Currently extensions for other browsers are not planned. Anyone is free though to write and release additional unofficial browser extensions – either for other browsers or alternatives to the official ones. See below for a description of the API available to extension authors and see bort-extensions at GitHub for the source code of the above extensions, available under the MIT license.


If no extension is available for your browser, you can use the below bookmarklet for adding bookmarks. A bookmarklet is a small piece of JavaScript code that you can execute by clicking a bookmark in your browser's bookmark menu or toolbar. In this case, what the JavaScript does, is redirects you to the web page to add a bookmark for the page you were visiting, and once done, redirects you back again. Copy the below JavaScript and paste it to your browser's bookmarks.



Currently the only “API” provided for developers is URL-parameters to add a bookmark. This will take the user to the web page to interactively add the bookmark and once done, redirect back again.

URL and TITLE should be passed through encodeURIComponent to ensure proper escaping and evaluation. If given, TAGS should be separated by pluses, e.g. "news+comics". See the above extensions and bookmarklets for examples of using this API.